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    2015 Exhibition
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Self-Repairing Symmetry in Jellyfish Grow The Whirlpool Galaxy and Its Environs Checkerboard Dunes Morie Pattern and it Fourier Transform Nano-Mushroom Farm Truss Bouquet Targeting Dopamine Neurons in the Dorsal Raphe Nucleus
Perspectives Images of Echimoderm Stronglocentrotus Purpuratus Larva, Bright Field Let there be light Drosophila paint the town red (and blue)  Young Moon Jelly (Aurelia aurita) A touch of plasma Paul Dirac and Poetry Finding Fibonacci
Elegnas, the Elegant Untangling the Remains of Cassiopeia A The Sun in X-Rays Coyote Head Nebula Building Planets through Collisions Bacterial Mandala Bacterial Mandala Tree Rings
Mind Over Matter Stuck in the Middle The Resonance of 1064 A Year's worth of slides Sm30c GFP expression in S. purpuratus sea urchin embryo Cracked Space "Egg" Architectured Octupus Visible Light in Spirals
Snowy Mazes in the Nano World Arabidopsis inflorescence First Earth-sized planet orbiting in habitable zone of another star Eucalyptus When we come together... Sphereism Mossy Fibers Blossom of Freedom Electroplated Cu Nanostructure
Water Glass Blooms, Leduc’s Magenta Dream mCherry Crystals            

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