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    2013 Exhibition
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Precarious Cairn Complete Drosophila Chromosome Sunset on Kármán Street When liquids act like solids Spring season Rarest flower Sea Urchin Silica Snowflakes
Copper Buttons Rainbow Flames Mosaic of Color Imperfect patterning of silica sol-gel Pseudomonas aeruginosa colony biofilm cis-regulatory apparatus that governs the expression of the neurogenic gene Onecut1 Polymer film Polymer film
Polymer film Chemical Flowers Gravitational Wave Detector Thermal Compensation Mask A Growing Wonder Bouquets to Science Ice Blades Icy Frost Ice Extravaganza
Solar Pins DropBow Optimal Breakdown Starry night fail Exocytosis and neurotransmission Crystals on Si3N4 Three Dimensional Cylinder Vortex Shedding A Walk Down Vortex Street
Copper-Nickel Nanoscale Tree Platinum Nano-Dandelion Nano-Mushroom Circus Act Condensation The Solid Wave Deep Sea Ferromanganese Nodule Bouncing drop creation A PhD Expressed as a Tapeball
Coffee SNSvD The Mystery of Gold Photolithography Copper (II) Bispidone Chloride Finding Martians - 3D Style Incongruency 1 Incongruency 2
 Bacterial Art A forest of Carbon Nanotubes Peering into the hearts of galaxies  Collapsed Nanolattice Nodes Carbon Nanotube Arrays Origin of the Moon Rings of Fire Optically Levitated Microdisks
An elliptic vortex ring  Luchador Vortex Evolution Bornite with chalcopyrite exsolution lamellae replaced by covellite Recrystallized titanium silicate in glass 2  Single Crystal Silicon Micromasking Structures in Silicon-on-insulator Bovine Pulmonary Artery Endothelial (BPAE) Cell
Nematode The light at the end of the tunnel 543 nm laser  Escape (D. melanogaster on agarose) Attack (Fly Lunge) Walking Drop The illuminated piRNA pathway Shard
Mounds of Time Warhol Rings CMYK, Periodically Strawberry In focus In and out of focus Dome  

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