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    2010 Exhibition
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Connectivity Graph Propagating flame Highly wrinkled flame 4 Gold Sculptures Smoke from the 160,000 acre Station Fire A support in the wheel suspension system of a Battlebot A mecanum wheel and part of the frame of a battlebot The frame pieces from a Battlebot
Part of the frame, drive and weapon assembly from a battlebot Part of the frame and weapon assembly of a Battlebot Fracture surface of a S7 tool steel cutting blade from a Battlebot Drosophila Wind Waves The Reconstruction of Fossilized Embryos from 580 Million Years Ago Venn Diagrams River in the Sky NGC 1097 Galaxy
The Infrared Orion Nebula Prehistoric Black Hole Fractured & Sheared Aluminum Fracture Mechanics in Sepia Motor Exposure and Warped Motor  	Fluid Swirlies Spinning cylinders in a fluid Mix mix mix
Manifolds of a forced pendulum Damaged Specimen The Keck Ultra Shallow Field Trapped Fields Impact Polymer Icicles Synchronization and Vortices Small Matters
Flower like morphology of Carbon nanotubes Catalytic Symmetries Repelling Lagrangian Coherent Structures Attracting Lagrangian Coherent Structures (LCS) in the wake of a swimming eel Integrated Circuits Layout of a Mixer Double the Rubble Chemical Soups Around Cool Stars 'Fantastic Four' Galaxies
Ring of Wires How come I'm so attractive? The Vortex in the Bubble Nano-Dragon Contemporary Persian Rug Aerobatic Grace    

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