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    Chick Embryo Sculpted in Silver  


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Natasha Bouey
Staff, Biology

This pendant is hand sculpted and oxidized. This chick embryo pendant was a result of a custom request from a friend. She picked her favorite quail embryo stage and this is the result. I have always felt that art and science complement each other, because both involve discovery and beauty. From the feminine curve of this embryo and the way the somites trace the flowing curve, you almost forget that you are looking at an embryo. I chose to accent the heart with 22K gold to symbolize the love of science that individuals who decide to become researchers must have to choose to do what they do. It must be love—as I watch them endure the frustration, long hours, hard work, determination, and then see sheer joy and pride when it all pays off in any victory no matter how big or small—it must be love to endure all of those highs and lows on a daily basis. Each pendant is sculpted, fired, and polished by hand one at a time, which makes each pendant unique! This pendant is sculpted in fine silver and the heart is accented with 22K gold.


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The 2009 Art of Science Competition was made possible by Student Affairs, the Art Committee, and Robert and Esther Metzner.
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