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    2009 Exhibition
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Randomness of the Black Forest Pinwheels of Spectra Skeleton of a Bacterium  	Steel Peel Chick Embryo Sculpted in Silver Stars Rainbow Bright A Tribute to Escher (Honorable Mention)
Tubular Nanocandycanes Kiss of Freezing Orthorhombist (First Prize) Nanospans Simulated Earthquake C. Elegans on an Agar Plate Deep Sea Yeti
Rustic View (Honorable Mention) Manganese Oxide Dendrites Volcano Askja in the Eastern part of Iceland Eddies of the Global Ocean Eddies in the Gulf Stream (Second Prize) Would You Like Some Syrup with Your Metal Waffle? The W5 Star Formation Region The Infrared Milky Way
Nano-Sculpture (Honorable Mention) Ion Thruster Plasma Measurements III Ion Thruster Plasma Measurements IV (Honorable Mention) Photovoltaic Patriotism Micromechanics of Adhesion Alien Landscapes Nanoparticles on a silicon wafer Speiro
Supershear Rupture in a Laboratory Earthquake Burning Fractals Hydrogen Evolution on Hydrophobic Aligned Carbon Nanotubes Arrays HIV Maturation (Honorable Mention) Adherence to the Guidelines (Third Prize) Migration Carnegie Stage 14 Pulsed Jet of a Bio-inspired Vehicle
Blownup Silver Strand Colored Water Solar Grass First Move Anthomastid Crystalline Confetti Lamellar Planet
Antibody Dependent Cell Mediated Cytotoxicity of HIV Infected Cells Peacock Molecular tubes self-assembled from DNA All Atom Fancy Course Grain      

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The 2009 Art of Science Competition was made possible by Student Affairs, the Art Committee, and Robert and Esther Metzner.
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