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    2008 Exhibition
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Broken Earth Gut Feelings Fine Spray Holding on to Each Other for Abyssal Life (Honorable Mention) Quantum Billards Surfing on Gold Nature or Nurture? Drosophila the Dripper (First Prize)
Bacterial Forest Schooner (Honorable Mention) Seeing Through Rocks Sunrise Over Metallic Glass (Third Prize) Chest Heat Facets of Earth Connectivity (Honorable Mention) The Sleeping Dragon Wakes
Hidden in the Waves of Light Whipped Around Starry-Eyed Map (Honorable Mention) Neurons With Glia (Second Prize) AFM Imaging on DNA Nanostructures Blooming Ephyra Sphere Wake Nano Fathom
Moving Domain Planting the Seeds Backhoe Mistakes Can Be Beautiful Sterographic Flight of Mars How a Seismic Wave Sees the Southern California Crust The Seven Sisters Pose for Spitzer Masking

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The 2008 Art of Science Competition was made possible by a grant from the Moore-Hufstedler Fund.
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