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    2020 Exhibition
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Multi-World Interpretation Quantum Entanglement The Death of Determinism Spaghetti & Cheerios There is always light in darkness Sunrise on a comet Fluid under fluorescence microscope Glowing ash
Brainwashed Gothic Architecture A Beautiful Failure Hot Cell-fie Citrate Trees Self-Dimming Windows Smith Chart: Double Stub Tuner Shades of Carbon
Machu Picchu Flakes and cracks in the coating of a gravitational wave detector Embryonic development; Live. Gerchberg-Saxton Holograms Fun game with defect Growth of Au plant Ag nanocoral Separation of Au & Fe on Si pyramid
Snow on TiO2 forest Turtle pond Pride on the Nanoscale Growth Toward Light L-forms Forces of Nature Cells of the Thermophile Microbe Sulfolobus Islandicus Phage Party
Sinuset Boulevard Hi! Microcosmos Artificial reef Sparking Stellar Synthesis Volumetric Spectrum Sleep and Serotonin
Mt. Pelee Reborn A tale of two tails The Cell Electronic Rorschach A Flaky Galaxy A Wrinkled Wrinkle Expanse Iridescence

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