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    Turing Model for Animal Patterns  


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Michelle Dan

Note: Here are a few photos of a silk painting I would like to submit to the competition. Due to the nature of the piece (it is very large, 12'' x 50'', and sort of transparent) it was difficult to photograph well and I would be happy to bring you the actual piece or use that in the competition. I included 2 photos of the same piece.

Caption: This silk painting was made for a System Biology (Bi 192, Prof. Lea Geontoro) final project, and aimed to simulate the Turing Model of reaction-diffusion instability to generate animal patterns. In this "model", the piece of silk served as an animal "skin" while the dye and rubber cement acted as diffusible morphogens which activate or inhibit each other along a gradient. The results is a series of patterns which transition downwards, corresponding to biological analogs which from simple dots, to hexagonal cell arrangements, to giraffe and leopard spots, to pufferfish and angelfish designs, and then to simple stripes.


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