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    Stellar nucleosynthesis

Supernova, nebula, protoplanetary disk

Undersea hydrothermal vent, ~3.8Ga

Hydrothermal vent exhalations

The iron-sulfur world theory


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Usha Lingappa
Graduate Student, GPS

This set illustrates a possible backstory for the matter that makes up life on Earth. The first piece depicts stellar nucleosynthesis, including the triple-alpha process to make carbon. The subsequent series depicts a supernova explosion, a nebula, and a protoplanetary disk. The third piece is an undersea hydrothermal vent at the end of the Hadean Eon (~3.8 billion years ago), a possible setting for the origin of life. The fourth piece depicts the chemistry of hydrothermal vent exhalations. The final series depicts key concepts in the ion-sulfur world theory for the origin of life.


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