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    Sterographic Flight of Mars  


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Terry-Ann Suer
Staff, Geological and Planetary Sciences

This movie is a fly-through animation (w/soundtrack by Scott Dougan) of several Digital Elevation Models (DEM) of the Martian surface. When flying close to the surface the features that we see are of meter scale. Each DEM is generated from a pair of images taken by the HiRISE camera aboard Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) at slightly different angles of the same region.Using the position and orientation of the spacecraft while it took the images we can calculate a high resolution elevation map of the surface. The dimensions of the images (and hence of the DEMs) are approximately 20000 by 80000 pixels with a resolution of 30 cm per pixel and covers a 4 km by 9 km swath of the Martian surface. These models are created by Terry-Ann Suer and Kevin Lewis.


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The 2008 Art of Science Competition was made possible by a grant from the Moore-Hufstedler Fund.
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