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    Damaged Specimen  



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Kristen John
Graduate student
What you are looking at is a 3 inch Homalite specimen being loaded by a tesnile testing machine. The purpose of this experiment is to enhance fracture toughness by introducing elastic heterogeneity which is done by creating "grooves" in the material, which you can see on the right half of the specimen. This frame from a video was from the first test, in which we were trying to determine the experimental setup. However, in trying to adjust the specimen for the camera, I accidentally broke it, which we didn't realize until after we performed the test. Luckily, the specimen we were using was "scrap" material, and in the end, we still figured out from that test how to setup up future experiments, and we learned what not to do in future tests. Partners: Landry Fokoua, Xin Ning.








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