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Ting Chen
Graduate Student, Geophysics
Snapshots of simulated earthquake growing, rupturing and arresting process for certain magnitude. Slip velocity on the fault is color-coded on the logarithmic scale. The seismic range of slip velocities is indicated by red colors, and slip velocities close to plate rate are indicated by green. The location of the seismogenic patch is outlined by a white circle. Note the different time increment for each frame. The patch is locked for most of the time (a, e), but some slow slips can happen during this period (b-d). At some point, the center of the patch starts to slip, and the slip quickly spreads to the whole patch; the earthquake ruptures (f-j). Soon after the slip reaches the outside of the patch, the earthquake rupture stops, and the patch goes back to locked status (k-l).



    The 2009 Art of Science Competition was made possible by Student Affairs, the Art Committee, and Robert and Esther Metzner.





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